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Daft Punk at TRON:Legacy premiere.

Daft Punk at TRON:Legacy premiere.


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Omae, boku ni tsuraretemiru?
Will you let me fish you?

Gangsta Star. ★
JoJo's Bizarre fan.
Part-time artist.
Crazy Gunota.
Tokusatsu lover.
RPG, MtG & YGO! player.
Megaten fag (has a Persona).
Sci-Fi and Fantasy writer.
Dune-sick. Let the spice flow!
Love Doctors & Daleks.
Cylon at heart. So say we all.
Technicolor & Rockabilly freak.
Love Guru & Ladiesman. ♥

Strongly believes that is a 'dino-turtle'.

Save the world wanna-be.
And that's not just for show.

Turtle Love ♥

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